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Monday, June 12, 2006

We're Back

Hey, it's Chris. Sorry, we've gone so long without a post. We've been busy with school. But I've been reading The Left Behind: The Kids Series. I'm on book 17.
The story so far:

Four totally different kids are tied together in a way they never thought they'd be. The Rapture. After their parents disappear, the kids go to their church for answer. That's when they meet and form a strong bond of friendship. Later more kids join their "Tribulation Force."

After the tragedies of worldwide earthquakes, water poisoning, meteor showers, flaming hail and other natural disasters, The Trib Force must stay together in order to survive.

This book series is exciting because it explains what MIGHT happen in the future in an easy way that I could understand. But if you have trouble switching from different people and their locations in the middle of a chapter, than this book might be a little confusing.

This is my new favorite series because I've already read all the Dragons in Our Midst series, and there's still a lot more to come in Left Behind: The Kids.